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Posted by Anonymous on Tue 22nd May 2012 21:44
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  1. <TheCriminaL> your post in that thread is sarcastic im guessing
  2. <reiltalk> which?
  3. <TheCriminaL>
  4. <reiltalk> oh no
  5. <reiltalk> i actually dont want this to escalate
  6. <reiltalk> this is really stupid
  7. <reiltalk> i wish people could just leave us alone :(
  8. <TheCriminaL> like i told paradox lol
  9. <TheCriminaL> after he unlocked it
  10. <TheCriminaL> i was annoyed he undid my action
  11. <TheCriminaL> i pressed delete and i thought about it quickly i realized
  12. <TheCriminaL> this is going to start drama
  13. <TheCriminaL> so i pressed back as fast as i could
  14. <TheCriminaL> but it was too late ._.
  15. <reiltalk> ive started enough drama on this site for 20 people lol
  16. <reiltalk> i just want it to end
  17. <TheCriminaL> yeah well
  18. <reiltalk> i wish the mods could see that :(
  19. <TheCriminaL> you should tell twilly soul woohoo and nightmare that
  20. <TheCriminaL> the rest of you guys are still chill with me..
  21. <reiltalk> i cant stop twilly, you know how he gets
  22. <TheCriminaL> and im okay with you
  23. <TheCriminaL> but these guys if they want to boycott posting
  24. <reiltalk> i might be able to convince soul and nightmare
  25. <TheCriminaL> they need to understand nobody gives a crap lol
  26. <reiltalk> oh no timeline will definitely flip
  27. <reiltalk> i think thats what they wanted to go for
  28. <TheCriminaL> wont matter
  29. <TheCriminaL> timeline cant just come undo masons actions
  30. <reiltalk> i just dont want drama to go crazy
  31. <reiltalk> can you try to get epicwin remodded so we can all work this over?
  32. <reiltalk> he was a great mod
  33. <TheCriminaL> its impossible lol
  34. <reiltalk> i think he deserves a second chance
  35. <TheCriminaL> the stuff he did you cant
  36. <TheCriminaL> well
  37. <TheCriminaL> alot of mods deserve second chances and were never given one
  38. <reiltalk> its kind of sad
  39. <reiltalk> i agree
  40. <reiltalk> but epicwin legitimately wants to help this site
  41. <reiltalk> his temper flared up when he deleted those threads, i thought he was joking
  42. <reiltalk> i seriously wish i could do more to stop him there
  43. <TheCriminaL> yes i understand but hard deleted sports threads calling me out in public hard deleting my posts
  44. <TheCriminaL> hwv doesnt tolerate that
  45. <TheCriminaL> you cant call another mod out
  46. <TheCriminaL> and souls post states your goal isn't to remod epicwin its to get me demoted lol
  47. <reiltalk> soul isnt indicative of all of fear
  48. <reiltalk> thats just how he is lol
  49. <TheCriminaL> well it says all of you will stop posting
  50. <TheCriminaL> when clearly its false
  51. <reiltalk> yeah it isnt going to happen
  52. <reiltalk> ill try to calm them down
  53. <reiltalk> it would be a huge show of good faith if you talked with mason to get him back
  54. <reiltalk> i really just want things to go back to usual :(
  55. <TheCriminaL> kai doesnt care outlaw doesnt care
  56. <reiltalk> p. much
  57. <TheCriminaL> alot of them dont care
  58. <reiltalk> most of the higher ups really dont care
  59. <TheCriminaL> on top of it
  60. <TheCriminaL> epicwin calls him a douchebag in his post
  61. <TheCriminaL> thats not going to help his case..
  62. <reiltalk> he was mad
  63. <TheCriminaL> i know but fact is he still did it
  64. <TheCriminaL> ._.
  65. <reiltalk> TBH ths biggest problem here is hamo/paradox
  66. <reiltalk> they have it in for me or something and they arent helping the situation
  67. <TheCriminaL> why is that
  68. <TheCriminaL> o_o
  69. <reiltalk> paradox is getting better
  70. <reiltalk> but they are openly villifying us
  71. <reiltalk> daddy too
  72. <reiltalk> its like they want to run all of the active posters off the site
  73. <TheCriminaL> daddys problem is you guys harassing others and starting shitstorms to get your way
  74. <TheCriminaL> which again is mainly what just
  75. <TheCriminaL> twilly soul woohoo and nightmare do
  76. <reiltalk> we dont actually harass others that much
  77. <reiltalk> a lot of it is based off context
  78. <reiltalk> like to anyone else we are vicious to haze but he seriously just started flaming us out of nowhere
  79. <TheCriminaL> hamo im not sure about
  80. <reiltalk> the shitstorm thing is a problem though
  81. <TheCriminaL> & i was there in TF's shit i saw
  82. <TheCriminaL> yeah
  83. <reiltalk> anyway i just feel like hamo has recently just wanted me dead or something
  84. <reiltalk> idk where it started from but he has issues
  85. <reiltalk> and it really shows
  86. <reiltalk> it does not reflect well on the mods at all when you have mods openly flaming users and telling people to leave
  87. <reiltalk> just makes everything seem worse than it is
  88. <TheCriminaL> yeah but mods only do that
  89. <TheCriminaL> when that group of 3-4 people start ranting like they are now
  90. <reiltalk> i see your point
  91. <reiltalk> like i really do. i have been mod/admin on so many sites
  92. <reiltalk> the problem is instead of trying to understand our situation the mods just block us out
  93. <reiltalk> that thread was a huge deal to us
  94. <reiltalk> it wasnt just spam or anything, it was a place where we could be ourselves, post announcements, tell jokes, etc
  95. <reiltalk> with mods like hamo and paradox hating everything we do, that was our safe space
  96. <TheCriminaL> why not have it in the elite section
  97. <TheCriminaL> where only mods that can see
  98. <TheCriminaL> are like me and greb
  99. <reiltalk> not everyone in fear is an elite
  100. <reiltalk> and we dont want to be an elite group
  101. <TheCriminaL> ah
  102. <TheCriminaL> well how about
  103. <reiltalk> fear was designed to be open to everyone
  104. <TheCriminaL> we make a plea to elite them
  105. <TheCriminaL> hm
  106. <TheCriminaL> alright well
  107. <reiltalk> for example
  108. <reiltalk> we took nirvana in and now hes very active with us
  109. <reiltalk> we dont want to exclude people who want to come post with us
  110. <TheCriminaL> yeah i see
  111. <TheCriminaL> well
  112. <TheCriminaL> your thread wont be touched anymore
  113. <reiltalk> i appreciate it
  114. <TheCriminaL> just try to get these 3 to stop
  115. <reiltalk> and yes, im working on it
  116. <reiltalk> fyi nightmare rarely posts
  117. <reiltalk> so this is a serious thing thats happening
  118. <TheCriminaL> yeah
  119. <reiltalk> also i would really appreciate it if you tried to get epicwin back as mod
  120. <reiltalk> even if its just a thread in the mod section
  121. <reiltalk> it would mean a lot to all of us
  122. <TheCriminaL> yeah but dont count on it i honestly doubt after all that stuff he did
  123. <TheCriminaL> he would get remodded
  124. <TheCriminaL> hopefully this shit ends soon
  125. <TheCriminaL> lol woohoo comment on my vm " you really shouldn't be a mod"
  126. <reiltalk> woohoo literally isnt in fear and should not be taken as any indicator of how the group feels
  127. <reiltalk> i have never seen woohoo join the irc channel once
  128. <TheCriminaL> oh lol

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